Crystal Le Fay is an Internationally known Psychic Medium, Spiritual Alchemist, Empath, Oracle Reader, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Holistic Intuitive Spiritual/Life Coach, Herbalist, Crystal Gemstone Healer, Author, Ordained Minister, Metaphysical Teacher, Self Love Advocate and more!


Crystal is known for her unique and eclectic personality and has a fun, positive perspective on life and the world that we live in. She shares that same outlook that she has in life when using her gifts to help others.


At the young age of seven years old Crystal began manifesting her psychic abilities; being capable of seeing, feeling, and communicating with spirits. At sixteen years old, she purchased her first tarot deck and for the last 28 years has been sharing her abilities with friends, family and the public, using it to help them heal, grow and embrace life.


From the beginning Crystal has had the sense that it's not just her doing the readings, but she feels she is being guided by Spirit, “It feels like I’m a channel and the information comes through me, there are times I don’t even remember what I had said during a reading.”​


During a reading Crystal as a psychic Empath receives visions, symbols, and messages from Spirit along with the energy, emotions and intentions from the client, and is able to use this information to interpret a message to the client.


Crystal has also studied the art of Manifestation for the past 17 years and uses it in her readings to help the client gain insight into their past and to also help them understand their life in the present moment giving them the ability to grow in their own specific path for the future. She also uses her ability of manifestation to help with healing, problem solving, personal goals and relationships.


Crystal Le Fay is dedicated to the study, exploration and advancement of the inner self through all forms of spirituality on the path to enlightenment including but not limited to Wicca, Christianity, Druidism, Paganism, Native American Culture and Beliefs, Buddhism and much more. Believing we come from the foundation that we are all connected within the Circle of Light and Love.

Crystal Le Fay is also a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, educator and advocate.

Crystal Le Fay was born is San Diego, California, she traveled the United States with her Mother. She is a happily married mother of five and currently lives in Michigan.