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Client Reviews

Thank you to all my past, present and future clients, for trusting in me.
For allowing me to help guide you along your Body, Mind & Spirit journey. 
You are all amazing Souls and I am blessed to share space with you.
I am so beyond proud of you, for showing up for yourself,
in so many amazing way during our sessions and your  life!!
Yay YOU!


Talia Green

It started off with one reading and turned into an amazing friendship! You made me feel comfortable and at ease like I could be myself from the moment we first met. You have taught me so much about myself and helped me grow for that I am so thankful for you. I always learn a lot during your classes and I appreciate everything you do. Thank you for being you I highly recommend your services to everyone! And I love all the stuff you make for your shop.

Alexandra Jeanne Meyer

I’ve had you out to my childhood home to do readings and you surprised me from the get go. I was always “skeptical” because of my religious beliefs, but the sense of familiarity that beams from you was enough to prove to me how special you are and how important the gifts are that you share. I’d love to have another reading when your load lightens a little. until then, I’ll keep cheering you on from here!

Amber Wilson
The very first class I had with you was on our Ego! This was a very much needed class to jump start my own healing and learn to shed my ego and step into spirit.

You did such an amazing job teaching this class at your old yoga center (which was my favorite btw).

You've done a house cleansing before for me when we moved into a house. I couldn't be more grateful for that day and experience because I learned so much from you and started my obsession with crystals! You helped cross over the previous tenant that passed in the home and gave us insight on an earth bound soul that had more business to do here.

There's sooo many of your classes that I've taken with you online and in person, and you are a phenomenal teacher! You know I love you dearly and you are my amazing friend!

Krystal Buckel

I have had readings, taken classes, and purchased products.

Your readings are what changed the entire course of my life and began my healing journey. You offered much insight and advice.

Eventually, I began to attend your fairs as a vendor. I took some of your classes there.

Eventually leading to many of your in home classes.

I have such joy in having you as a teacher. Your material is broken down so that it is simple enough for everyone to understand. You take your time with students and have never acted inconvenienced by any question. You make everyone feel welcome and supported at your classes. I have met and come to know so many other beautiful souls through your classes.

Thank you for everything.

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