Crystal Le Fay's Monthly Card Pull


Monthly Card Pull


Don't let your ego fool you into believing you are ever alone!

You have a family, it just may not look like what you thought it would.

Take heart, you are bonded to those those who vibrate at the same frequency as you do. You are surround by love!

What a comfort it is to know that you have a whole Soul tribe out there in the world, all you have to do is allow for the connection!

This is your sign to know you are safe to open your heart to the Universe to bring in your Soulmate connections, whether it be love, friends or family.

You may notice some people leaving your tribe this month, I know dear one it can hurt to watch them leave.  But it is their time to leave, so that it makes room for new people to come into your life!

Your heart will heal from the loss of those who choose to leave.

Let them go!

In keeping your focus on the positive during this time, you will attract more positive into your life!

Which will help you build your new Soul Tribe!


Affirmation: I am never alone, I am always apart of the whole Soul collective, I have family within the cosmos!



This message comes to you from the beautiful

"Whispers Of Lord Ganesha" Oracle deck by Angela Hartfield.


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