Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing

How to book a reading or service and prices.

  • Readings and Services can be booked through this website or through Facebook.

Prices and ways to receive your reading sessions.

  1. Personal reading sessions (all personal readings come with a healing session).

  • Please contact Crystal Le Fay for scheduling and price list.

  • There are 6 ways to receive your reading session.

  1. Written Email (Starts at $25)

  2. Voice (Starts at $25)

  3. Video (Starts at $25)

  4. Phone (Starts at $25)

  5. Snap Chat (Quick 1 question, $10 per question)

  6. Meet with you in person. (Starts at $25)

    2. Open donation readings and services: These are donation based (pay what you can).

Guidelines for donation readings and service are as followed:

  1. You may send your life, spiritual and/or business questions to Crystal Le Fay through Facebook messenger or email.

  2. ONLY one question per donation.

  3. Crystal Le Fay will respond by Facebook Messenger, Written Email, Video or Phone) when she is guided to by her and your Spirit Guides. (RESPONSE TIME WILL VARY. Example:The response could come the same day, a week later or even a month later.)

  4. If Crystal Le Fay is a meant to work with your situation, you will receive an answer from her.

  5. After you have received your answer, you are welcome to send a donation to Crystal Le Fay as a thank you for her time and energy. (DO NOT send a donation before you get a response. Donations sent early WILL NOT guarantee a response.)


Crystal Le Fay does offer other types of services, please refer to her "How can I be of service" section for her service list. Contact Crystal Le Fay for pricing and scheduling for her services.


What forms of payment do you accept for donations?  

  • I accept the following forms of payment for donations: cash, PayPal and Facebook Pay. 

Cost for products?

  • Email Crystal Le Fay for her price list.

  • Follow me on Facebook for updates.

When can I expect to receive my items? 


Arrival time can vary, but items (excluding holidays) can be expected within 14 days. 

Can I refund a product?

Due to the custom nature of my products, I do not accept refunds or exchanges.