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A Time of Awakening

I'm so excited for you!! Are you jumping up for joy yet? This is a time of an intense Body, Mind and Spirit awakening for you! 

As you begin to move forward on your new beautiful clustered journey, remember to create a space of love for the others who are following close behind you!

As you allow this to happen, you will be building the foundation for a sacred temple within yourself and for others! Enabling each person to fulfill their mission! Thank you so much your dedication! 

This is much needed right now and you will be very blessed by your actions!

By doing this you are assisting the new world in this major frequency shifting. You are so much apart of this! Be proud of yourself, you are creating an open doorway of energy for such great expansion for you and others!

Make sure you are keeping your heart open during this time and your ego at bay. Not everyone will have an understanding of your actions right now. That's not where your focus should be placed! 

Your focus is just to listen, it's so important that you silence your mouth and keep your ears and heart open! 

Remember as people in your life begin to change and evolve, their experiences have nothing to do with you. Please don't take it personal. Each person's journey is that of their own. 

Your job at this time is to ONLY listen from a place of unconditional awareness and nonjudgement, with doing this, you will know your own hidden truths and awaken the truth within the people around you! What a beautiful gift you are giving! 

Take a deep breath and connect with your true self asking:

"How can I be of service in a joyful way, during this time?"

"How can I say, I love you without using my words?"

Below are your vibrational energy connections during this time.

Spirit Animal Guide: Lady Bug

Master Gemstone: Fluorite

Power Number: 6

Chakra Focus: Root

Herb: Sage

Love and Light,

& Spirit Guides

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