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Black Mirror Scrying Ritual

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Black Mirror Scrying Ritual Preparations & Instructions


Crystal Le Fay's Black Mirror Kit (email her through her website to order directly from her)


Journal or paper and pen (optional)

Fire proof container

Metal thongs or something to hold the charcoal disk

Something to place mirror on or stick on (the mirror is a peel and stick)

  • Cast a circle of white protected light in front of the black mirror and the space that your in.

  • Place the black mirror you have so that the mirror reflects little to nothing. You can even place the mirror on an altar if you wish to. Or peel off the back of the mirror and stick the mirror where you would like to. (Once mirror is stuck to something it will stay there.)

  • Place and light a candle on either side of the mirror. You can use any colored candle you would like. Any size candle will do, even a tea light one. You want them to the side and a little in front of the mirror so that the mirror is fully illuminated, but the candles are not reflected in the mirror.

  • Burn some resin incense in front or the side of the mirror, so that the smoke can help you see things in the mirror more easily. You can use incense as needed throughout your ritual.

  • Meditate until you have reached a very deep relaxed state. Have patience and take your time. This can be a slow process. Meditation is one of your main keys for scrying along with intention.

Black Mirror Scrying Ritual

  • Your Mirrors Purpose: (Circle) General, Health, Love, Money, Fertility, Transformation, Psychic Abilities, Career, Custom _________ (You will have one of the intentions circled for each different kit)

  • Meditate on the purpose of your outcome desire and intention. Look at your black mirror with softly. Focusing your vision little behind the mirror. Your mirror will look like it is a little out of focus.

  • Look at your mirror softly for several minutes, you can blink normally.

  • Staring at the mirror, your mirror will begin to look as if it is starting to fog over. It can look a little cloudy or even hazy. When your mirror is starting to look like this. Its time to begin your scrying.

  • As the the mirror becomes completely fogged over in your eyesight, Your third eye will begin to take over. At this time your going to want to keep looking at the mirror softly, making sure to keep your mind open and clear with your intention/desired outcome.

  • You will begin to view visions of your intention/desired outcome. It can come in forms of words, pictures, shapes, etc.

  • As this happens, it is so important that you trust the messages that are coming through to you. If you want to, you can write down everything that you see, even if it doesn't make sense at first.You can go back later and put it all together, to receive your message.

  • Most importantly, have patience with yourself, the messages and the process. Let yourself be in the experience without any judgment.

  • What your seeing in the mirror when you are scrying are real messages, you just have to trust them.

  • You may need to try this ritual multiple times to get the hang of it and receive your full message.

  • Ive been doing this type of scrying for a long time, but in the beginning it did take me a few months to get my messages. The biggest lesson I learned with this type of divination was trusting myself and intuition.

  • Hint: To gain a stronger connection to your third eye and intuition. You can make this black mirror scrying ritual easier, by practice mediation on a regular basis outside of doing the ritual.

  • Side Note: The Selenite Crystal included in the kit can be used for charging the Mirror and herb/resin incense.)

For a video version of this ritual go to this link:

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