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Blessed Beltane Ritual

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

(Do this anytime of between May 1st and May 7th)

Today we will honor the life of our beautiful Mother Earth as her energies are at their strongest. The Wheel of the Year is bursting with abundant fertility on all levels!

Flora, our Maiden goddess of spring has now reached her fullness. This is the time to let her energy of growth spring forth into Summer, manifesting those things you desire.

Beltane Ritual and Manifestation Wish Pot Spell

“Beltane is a wonderful time of hopes and dreams!”

Supplies for Ritual:

*Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Elemental candles (if you are casting as circle)

*Fireproof container or Fire pit

*Juice or Wine

*Your favorite small cake

* Frankincense Incense

*A mini Maypole (using at least 4 different colored ribbon, fake or real flowers to decorate the pole and your favorite stone for the top)

Supplies for Spell:

*A pot, jar or container you can plant seeds in. (size is your choice)

*A handful of flower petals (any kind)

*1 type of your favorite seeds. (Sunflower, Lavender, Mint, etc.)

*Soil (enough for your container)

*A piece of tree bark from your yard.

* Pen and Paper

* A cup of water

* Trinkets to represent your wish- Examples of trinkets (feel free to come up with your own trinkets): Love & Marriage – hearts, New Job – play money, Hearth & Home – a sewing needle, Seeking the Truth – a key, Health & Healing-green and pink ribbon braided, Happiness- smiley face, Seeking Knowledge – your favorite stone, Protection – any colored feather.

Beltane Ritual (Inside or outside. You can do this alone or with others)

(It was raining on the day I did my ritual, so I just made adjustments and did it inside.)

*Decorate your altar with things of Summer and fertility. Placing your Maypole in the center.

*Put all your supplies for the Manifestation Wish Pot Spell in reach next to your altar.

*Build your fire either in your fireproof container or your fire pit

*Cast your circle

*Light your Frankincense Incense

Dance or walk around your maypole 3 times chanting or singing:

“Oh, blessed Beltane you are here, I welcome this abundant time of fertility.

I bid you greetings for this wonderful season of love and passion!

I circle around your Maypole with open arms and an open heart.

Together we will create life.

Honoring the Divine union of which all life flows.

As Mother Earth creates life and grow, I shall create life and grow as well.

Blessed Be, Aho, Namaste”

Sit or stand in in silent meditation front of your fire. Visualize the fire within, see yourself blooming. Ask your guides what actions are needed to bring your desires into reality.

After a few moments, celebrate by taking a drink of your wine or juice and eating a piece of your cake.

Then begin your spell.

Manifestation Wish Container Spell

*Write out your wish.

*Put your wish at the bottom of your pot, jar or container.

*Put the soil into your pot, jar or container on top of your paper.

*Plant your seed into your pot, jar or container.

*Pour water from the cup on the topsoil of your pot, jar or container.

*Decorate the top of your pot, jar or container, with your tree bark and trinkets.

Spread the flower petals on top of your pot, jar or container while you sing, chant or yell with excitement:

“My wish that lies within this (pot, jar or container) of Mother Earth, I bid you to AWAKEN now!

All my desires that sleeps, I bid you to AWAKEN now!

You will now GROW, GROW, GROW true and strong, rooted to the plentiful ground beneath and reach to the beautiful sky above.

As long as it harms none, Blessed Be, Aho, Namaste”

*Give thanks to the Elements, Angels and Guides that have joined you in the Ritual and Spell.

*Uncast your circle

*Put your Manifestation Wish Container wherever you please.

*Water your Manifestation Wish Container as usual and watch your wish grow.

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