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Card Reading Zebra and Acceptance

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Card A Zebra Card:

If you have chosen this Zebra card, I see a shift in careers (could also be a shift in relationship). I know you may feel this is the worst time to be switching careers. This is not something you expected to happen, especially not in this way.

This card is shouting at you! "STOP BEING PART OF THE CROWD!!!"

You know this is true, to depths of your soul, but up until now fear has stopped you. Now, you truly don;t have a choice but to move forward on your own.

Spirit wants you to know, you will be ok! This is the beginning of a beautiful dream you didn't know you had.

It will seem to start out rocky and the path me be unclear in this moment, but I beg of you to have patience and let the story unfold naturally.

Follow the signs of the Zebra and the darkness will become light!

Card B The Acceptance Card:

If you have chosen the Acceptance card, I see a beautiful heart felt present coming to you!

You have been manifesting this gift for quite a long time!

You are coming together like a puzzle, piece by piece you are becoming whole.


Are you ready? Ready to let go of the labels that no longer serve you, the ones

you've carried throughout you life.

You are not the labels of your illness or pain. These labels are a heavy burden to carry, put them down!!!

You were given the sight, all you have to do is drop into your heart space and open your eyes! Can you see it? Your final puzzle pieces will be contained in your beautiful gift.

Its only when you let go of your labels will you see what has been given to you.

Confused? Just accept your gift, and the confusing will melt away.

Balance your root Chakra to help open your gift!

Much Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & Spirit Guides

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2 comentarios

Thank you, as I read A's I can also relate to the reading as yesterday I started my new position in a new location that I have been waiting for to happen. Now I will be waiting to see what this present could be.

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
08 may 2020

Thank you 😊

Me gusta
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