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Contacting your Spirit Guides using kitchen herbs & spices

Close your eyes, Take 3 deep breaths.

Center and ground yourself first then read.

Wouldn't it be great to have a special phone to call your Spirit Guides when you need them?

Here is a simple Ritual I use to call my Spirit Guides.


  • Candles: black and white (you can use tea light candles)

  • Fireproof container (an astray works great or even a outside fire pit)

  • "Herbs De Provence" (Kitchen Herbs/Spices) I discovered the power of this herb/spice mix, when a friend of mine and me where on a ghost hunting field trip in Traverse City, MI. We needed herbs to contact the Spirit realm, but both of us had forgotten to bring our Magick herbs. So we went to the local grocery store and discovered this very powerful herb/spice mix in the spice aisle. We used the herb/spice mix that night and had a great ghost hunting experience!

  • Quiet space

  • Bell or any Musical Instrument