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Contacting your Spirit Guides using kitchen herbs & spices

Close your eyes, Take 3 deep breaths.

Center and ground yourself first then read.

Wouldn't it be great to have a special phone to call your Spirit Guides when you need them?

Here is a simple Ritual I use to call my Spirit Guides.


  • Candles: black and white (you can use tea light candles)

  • Fireproof container (an astray works great or even a outside fire pit)

  • "Herbs De Provence" (Kitchen Herbs/Spices) I discovered the power of this herb/spice mix, when a friend of mine and me where on a ghost hunting field trip in Traverse City, MI. We needed herbs to contact the Spirit realm, but both of us had forgotten to bring our Magick herbs. So we went to the local grocery store and discovered this very powerful herb/spice mix in the spice aisle. We used the herb/spice mix that night and had a great ghost hunting experience!

  • Quiet space

  • Bell or any Musical Instrument

  • Lighter

  • 2 pieces of paper and pen

  • An old fashion phone (any phone phone will work, I just like using an retro phone)

  • Amethyst or Clear Quartz Crystal

Spirit Phone Call Ritual

  • Find a quiet place to perform your ritual.

  • Gather all your supplies.

  • Cleanse and protect your area, by walking around your ritual space in a clock wise circle, envisioning a white light of protection, as your ringing the bell or playing your musical instrument of choice.

  • Sit with the phone, fire proof container, herb/spice mix, pieces of paper and candles in front of you.

  • Place the Amethyst or Clear Quartz Crystal in your lap. (This will prevent anything negative or evil from contacting you during this ritual.)

  • Write on one piece of paper, who you'd like to contact and your reason you'd like to contact them. (You can write something like,"I'd like to contact my Spirit Guides." "Because I need insight for my life, etc.")

  • Light each candle.

  • Light the paper you wrote on with either candle, throw it in the fire proof container. Throw in a pinch of the Herbes de Provence.

  • Place your hands on your phone.

  • Take a deep breath and imagine it starts to ring. RING RING RING.

  • Pick up the receiver and place it on your ear.

  • Close your eyes.

  • Say "Hello" out-loud.

  • Imagine you hear the voice of your Spirit Guide on the other end.

  • Now write on the second piece of paper any images and words that pop into your head. You can also write down the emotions you feel as well.

  • Once you feel you have received all the information you can from your call. Say, "Thank you and Goodbye".

  • Then blow out your candles.

  • Walk counter clockwise with your bell or musical instruments around your ritual space, releasing your protection circle.

  • Give the ashes back to Mother Earth.

  • Make sure to cleanse your Amethyst or Clear Quartz Crystal to get rid of anything attached to it.

Note: You can use this ritual to contact passed loved ones as well. I use it often top talk to my dad who passed away in 2013.

Having the Amethyst or Clear quartz Crystal in your lap you, WILL make sure that nothing negative or evil will NOT be able to contact you during this ritual!

Herbes de Provence Power:

This amazing aromatic mixture of dried Provençal herbs and spices, which traditionally includes thyme, basil, rosemary, tarragon, savory, marjoram, oregano, and bay leaf.

This powerful herb/spice mix usually comes in any herb/spice set or you can find it individually art your local grocery store.

Or if you have the individual herbs/spices you can make your own mix. Just use your own intuition for how much of each herb/spice to use.

  • Thyme magickal power: purification, love, abundance and courage

  • Basil magickal power: luck, prosperity, abundance, protection and harmony

  • Rosemary magickal power: dispelling negative energies, vivid dreams/visions and protection

  • Tarragon magickal power: confidence, passion,strength, love, courage, protection, calming and peace.

  • Savory magickal power: psychic visions

  • Marjoram magickal power: barrier against sadness and attraction

  • Oregano magickal power: bring a feeling of joy, lightness and reduce tension, will bring your Spirit guests and you joy, while also opening the channels of communication

  • Bay Leafs magickal power: healing, protection, love and success

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