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Cord Cutting Ritual

Energic Cord Cutting


*1 white candle

*Cord Cutting herbs mixture of at least 3 different herbs, a pinch of each herb will work (always pick the herbs you are drawn too, spices in your spice cabinet work great)

*Lighter or matches

*A small piece of paper and pen

*Fire Proof Container (an ashtray works great)

Set up all of your supplies on your altar (or a simple table, or on the ground/floor)

Sit or stand in a comfortable position and focus your attention on your breath.

Mix your herbs.

Write the name of the person on the piece of paper, you are wanting to cord cut from. (You can do individual names or simply write, “anyone who is not for my highest good.”)

Light the white candle in front of you.

Close your eyes and let your mind relax.

Visualize the cords, just like laces tying you to that person. Its important to recognize, how do they appear to be tied to you, Body, Mind and Spirit? Please, do not make any judgment, each cord may be different, they may be in the most unexpected parts of your Body, Mind and Spirit. There may be one or many cords. Visualize them for a minute.

Open your eyes.

Take the piece of paper you wrote the name on and light it on fire with the candle and put it in the fireproof container, as it burns, add the whole herb mixture to the fire.

Say these words as it burns (shout them or say them in silence):

“I release your energic energy from me, Body, Mind and Spirit!

“I allow all cords from you to me to be cut permanently!”

“I forgive you, so that I can be free!”

“So Mote it be!”

“Blessed be, Namaste”

Snuff or blow out candle.

Once paper becomes ashes and cooled down, give back to Mother Earth. (Its not necessary to bury them.)

Repeat ritual (you may use the same white candle or a different white candle) as many times as needed at different times, until you feel all the cords have been cut.

Know that each time you do the cord cutting, cords will be melted away and disappear. Your wounds will be healed, and you will be restored.

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