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Crystal Le Fay Spiritual Sunday Message

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Sending energy to you, Body, Mind and Spirit on this beautiful Sunday!

I ask that you stop for one moment today and follow these body Mudras in the photos below.

As you do take a deep breath as you release each position.

Allow yourself to accept the beautiful high vibrational energy, being guided from Mother Gaia through the Spiritual Vessel Crystal Le Fay.

I send prayers out to The Universe, asking that anyone who reads this message will be healed in every way that they need.

I now ask that a circle of Angels surround you now, laying their Magickal healing hands upon you!!

I manifest the right people to come into their lives, exactly when they need them and that their eyes will be open to see them.

Take a deep breath in and release your cares, worries and issues out to the Universal Light.

Work with Clear Quartz Crystal energy this week. Powerful Quartz is a Universal energy. You can use the stone many ways: put quartz in your drinking water, sleep with it next to you, carry it in your pocket, purse, wear it as jewelry, put in your bath water etc.

Hint of the week: Follow the rainbow, that's where your pot of Gold is!

Number of the week: 88

Color of the week: Focus on the color Pink, let it surround you in all ways, wear it, eat pink foods, etc.

Challenge of the week: Write yourself a love letter. Record yourself reading the letter. Listen to it often.

Remember, You are an beautiful amazing spirit within such a gorgeous human!

Your strength is amazing!

I am blessed by your presence! I bow to you, Namaste I hug you, Amen I dance with you, Blessed Be

Thank you so much for reading and participating today!

Have such a beautiful day!

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