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Divine Plan

What a intense mission you have to complete! Did you know your meant to be a divine light in this world?

Its so important during this time that you let Karma do its job. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on the negative attention others are seeking. There is no reward for worrying. You are only dimming your spiritual light.

I know that you see and feel the dark forces of injustice all around you, but it is not your job to rectify those injustices at this moment in time.

Your purpose is let the Great Spirit guide you with light and love through those Dark Forces. Stop trying to fight them, you are only feeding their energy! Let love and light be your guide!

You are not alone in this mission, others will join you soon. A female teacher will appear to you in a dream, her guidance will be so valuable to you during this transition. Make sure to keep a journal of her messages.

Know that if you continue to be caught up in the ego energy of this world, you will miss many important signs. Stop robbing yourself with negativity of others, from obtaining these beautiful gifts being bestowed upon you.

These signs come directly from the Divine Spirit, please pay attention to your visions! If there was ever a time, now is your time to be fearless. Only you (ego) can stand in your (spirit) own way!

There is much urgency for you to be ready to move! MOVE out of the way!!!!

Your new adventure requires you to have complete trust and faith in your Divine plan. What Divine plan? It would be too easy to give you that answer. You must work for this one, my dear.

Don't fret, the vision of your divine plan will become clearer within the next few months.

Take a deep breath and connect with your true self asking:

"Am I allowing my ego to get in the way of my mission?"

"Am I putting my trust in the wrong places?"

Below are your vibrational energy connections during this time.

Spirit Animal Guide: Unicorn

Master Gemstone: Amethyst

Power Number: 3

Chakra Focus: Solar Plexus

Herb: Thyme

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & Spirit Guides

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