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Do your best

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Doing our best means taking care of ourselves in the best way possible.

Maybe for you that means:

  • Leaving a toxic relationship

  • Eating healthier

  • Stop watching the news

  • Not getting involved in others drama

  • Treating yourself to get your nails done

  • Doing daily meditation

  • Going for a walk

  • Taking a trip

  • Facing your fears

  • Taking 10 mins just for you daily

  • Letting go of anger

  • Saying positive affirmations

  • Doing acts of service

Let go of thoughts inside your own head telling you your best isn't good enough..

Gently remind yourself that you are doing the best you can today and that's ok!

Let go of what others think your best is. Its not their life your living!

When you do your best for yourself in your own life, others around you will benefit.

Your energy will be contagious and call out to other's to do their best, in their own life.

You become a walking example of a life best lived when you dedicate yourself to living your best life in your own personal way.

You are not in a competition with anyone!

No matter big or small always do your personal best!

Some days you may be able to write a whole book,

Other days you may just be able to get out of bed and do some gentle yoga.

Whatever you do today, know that your best is good enough!


I love you!

Love and Light

Crystal Le Fay

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