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Dry Desert Oracle Insight

Do you feel lost?

Lately I've felt quite lost. Like I'm wandering in a dry desert.

Left with this unattainable thirst.

Desperately seeking a sign of life around me, only to be shown mirages.

I scream out to the heavens above me, PLEASE SHOW ME THE WAY!!!

Only to hear silence of the desert air.

If your like me, your feeling like your going around in circles.

Round and round you go, and nothing seems to come of it.

What is the point, you hear yourself saying over and over, till your mind becomes a big jumbled mess.

Your searching for ideas, inspiration, but all, you get is darkness.

So you continue to move forward or maybe backwards, its so hard to tell at this point.

All you know is you feel lifeless and lost within this hot dry desert in your own mind.

Take a deep breath!

This part of your journey is asking you to go deep within your self, just like the creatures who live in the dessert.

They only thrive by going deep under ground where there is water.

Your outer environment is pushing you to go deep within your Souls desires.

Your mind is confused, but your heart knows the way through this desert.

Get away from the noise around you, go within the stillness of your heart and hear the whisper of your own truth.

This is where you will find your answers. This is where Spirit will speak to you.

You will begin to realize your not lost, your being led.

You begin to understand the mirages you see, are really miracles awaiting you!

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay

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