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Fire Healing Body Mind and Spirit Candle Spell


  • healing oil for anointing candle

  • one red spell candle

  • one bay leaf

  • one red marker

  • fireproof container

  • small glass of blessed water

Bay Leaf is associated with healing and fulfillment of wishes, also when you burn bay leaf it may boost your immunity and releases anxiety.

This is the time to banish all health issues Body, Mind and Spirit. You will be burning away the old, any unwanted physical, mental and spiritual unbalances. So that you can bring in the new, healed, version of yourself.

This is not meant to replace Medical Care it will add power to any healing process started by a medical professional.

By doing the spell you're aligning yourself at a high healing vibrational frequency, allowing your healing process to unfold at a faster rate.

  • Use the healing oil and anoint your red candle,