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Full Moon Energy Day 2 of 7

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

One of the best times to connect to your Spirit Guides and to receive psychic messages is when you dream.

Sometimes messages coming through our dreams can be distorted, confusing and even scary.

If you are someone who receives your messages through your dreams, like I do. I highly recommend you learn how to Lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is basically you controlling your dreams.

I began receiving messages in my dreams as far back as I can remember. Being an 7 year old little girl having these types of psychic dreams was quite scary. I spent most of childhood afraid to sleep. Till around the age of 16 a Psychic mentor of mine showed me Lucid dreaming.

I taught myself how to wake up in my dreams and how to take control of them. By doing that I was able to ask my Spirit Guides direct questions about the messages, symbols and pictures they were sending me.

When I awoke from a psychic dream, I wrote down the answers I received right away in my dream journal. It really made the messages so much clearer and less scary.

I became excited to go to sleep and receive my messages, knowing if it ever got scary, I was in control of the dream and could change it anytime.

One time a dark cloud of negative energy came floating at me in a dream, but before it got to me, I changed it into a cute little puppy. So by the time it got to me, all it did was lick my face and want to play. A few weeks later in my waking life, I got a puppy as a gift that had been abused and needed a home. That puppy lived in our happy home, loved and taken care of for 15 years. Coincidence? I think not!

You can use the beautiful Full Moon energy for dreaming!

Today on Day 2 of my Full Moon Ritual Spells, we will use Magickal Lunas energy to Lucid dream.

Here is spell I use often for my own dreams.

Psychic Dream Awakening Spell

Supplies needed:

A decorative wooden, glass or stone bowl

Mixing bowl

Handful of Lavender Herb

Handful of Lemon Balm or Peppermint Herb

2 tablespoons baking soda

2 tablespoon Epsom Salt

2 drops of Lavender Essential oil

Dream Journal and Pen

  • Mix all the ingredients in the mixing bowl bowl.

  • Once mixed together, transfer mixture into your decorative bowl.

  • Place both hands over your decorative bowl.

  • Take 3 deep breathes

  • On the third breath say 3 times:

"I call upon today's Full Moon energy to aid and protect me in my Psychic Dream. Please shower your Magick power upon Lavender (herb and oil) to bring me peace and calm within my Psychic Dream. I ask for strength from Lemon Balm (or Peppermint) to wake me up within my Psychic Dream, so that I can be clear on whats being shown to me! So Mote it be!"

  • Then place your decorative bowl with your sacred Psychic Dream mixture next to where you sleep.

  • Go to sleep.

  • When you do awaken from your dream, write down whatever messages you received, even if they don't make sense. Sometimes your messages will come in bits and pieces kinda like puzzle pieces. You may need to do this spell more then once to get all the puzzle pieces of your Psychic Dream to make a full puzzle complete and make sense to you.

  • Don't stress about it, give it time and just have fun with it! Know you are in control of your dream and if you get scared, you can change it to be less scary.

Note: You can reuse the same Psychic Dream mixture for about 3 days in a roll. Once you are done with the mixture, you can use it in a foot bath or I like to put mine by my feet in the shower.

Love and Light,

Blessed Be!

Crystal Le Fay

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