Full Moon Energy Day 3 of 7

The act of cord-cutting is probably the most needed, and most powerful, pieces of magic that you can do to help yourself heal.

You may need to cord cut if you:

  • Have any kind of Trauma

  • Had a break up

  • Have an illness

  • A argument with someone

  • Your a Empath

  • Your a Energy Healer

  • Your a Psychic

  • Your a Medium

  • Can't let go of the past

  • Have fears

The list can go on.

So what is cord-cutting? I'm glad you asked!

EVERY TIME, yes every time we are in a relationship with anyone: yes anyone, parents, siblings, Love relationship,clients, friends, etc.

Or anytime you are attached to anything: situation, feelings, illness, objects, etc.

You exchange energies with the person, situation, place or thing attaching you to them through a kind of spiritual tether, a Etheric cord.

These Etheric cords allow energy to flow continuous between you and what your attached to.

Sometimes they stay attached to us longer than they need to be. If you have ever broke up with someone and you just cant get them off your mind or past the relationship, then the Etheric cords are still transferring energy back and forth, requiring you to cord cut to move on.

Cord cutting is a ritual that can help sever these cords so we can regain our energy, begin healing and move forward.

Note: Sometimes you have to do the same cord cutting ritual multiple times before the cords are actually cut. Sometimes I even need to cord cut from my own husbands energy.

Cord cutting DOES NOT make the person, situation, place or thing go away. But it will help you see things more clearly, enabling you to be free take action and move forward the way you need to. It also can open the doors for new positive people to enter your life.

The new can not enter, if the old is being held on to.

Here is my simple Cord Cutting Ritual, using the element of fire and the Full Moons Powerful energy.

Cord Cutting Spell Ritual


Two pieces of paper and pen

Two fire proof containers and lighter/match

Cord cutting herbs: Pick at least 4 different herbs. (Crystal Le Fay custom makes cord cutting herb mixes for sale.)

Mixing bowl for herbs.

Cord cutting candle, any color candle will do. (Crystal Le Fay custom makes cord cutting candles for sale.)

One piece of thread, any color will do. Just needs to be about 6 inches long.

Spell Ritual:

  • Set your cord cutting candle in between the two fire proof containers.

  • Mix your herbs together in the mixing bowl.

  • Write your name on one piece of paper then write the persons name, situation, place or thing you want to cord cut from on the other piece of paper.

  • Tie the papers separate to each end of the thread.

  • Place each piece of paper in each of the fire proof containers. Making sure the middle of the thread sits on the candle.

  • Put each of your hands at the same time, over the fire proof containers on top of the piece of papers.

Say: "I call out to Mother Luna to lend your powerful energy to my request today!

I am grateful for the lessons learned during this union. I am now ready to release you from my energetic field now!”

  • Release your hands.

  • Take a deep breath. Visualize a white cord traveling along the thread to each of the pieces of paper.