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Full Moon Energy Day 4 of 7

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This is the main day of Full Moon Energy.

Tonight Mother Luna rises in full glory and shares her Magickal power with us all.

Can you hear her whisper within the night sky?

She calls to you, to embrace your own power.

Tonight is your night to rise like the Phoenix!

She will lend you her energy, it is up to you to accept it, as part of you!

Phoenix Rising Full Moon Spell/Ritual


Outside: Fire Pit Inside: Fire proof container

A window you can see out of.


White small candle

A herb you associate with (Listen, the herb will talk to you!)

A piece of paper and pencil


  • Cleanse and ground yourself. (Trust your intuition)

  • Inside: Place your fireproof container in front of your window. Outside: Stand in front of the fire pit.

  • Place your white candle in the middle of the fire pit/fire proof container.

  • Write your name on the paper.

  • Stand in front of the fireproof container/fire pit.

  • Light your candle.

Say loudly 3 times: "I light this candle to connect to Mother Luna."

  • Burn your paper.

  • Throw in a pinch of your herb.

  • Lift both arms up with your hands facing toward Mother Luna or out the window.

Say loudly 3 times: "I accept Mother Luna's gift of power! I accept My own power!

So Mote It Be! Thank you! Thank you"!

  • Throw your arms down quickly, palms facing earth, grounding yourself.

  • Blow out your candle.

  • Take 3 deep breaths.

  • Once cooled, give the ashes back to Mother Earth.

It is time to OWN your own personal power. Honor yourself always. Know, you are the one true love, you seek!

Love and Light!

Blessed Be!

Crystal Le Fay

Note: Fire can burn, please take caution while doing this Spell Ritual.

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