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Full Moon Energy Day 5 of 7

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Today is a day of rest and self care.

Mother Lunas energy is so strong and us humans need to rest and ground each day of the 7 days of Full Moon energy, especially the day after the actual Full Moon rising.

Take some alone time today to recharge and care for your human body.

Here are some ways to do self care today:

  • Take a bath

  • Dance

  • Eat a healthy treat

  • Meditate

  • Sleep

  • Watch funny movies

  • Self Massage

  • Go for a walk

  • Listen to music

  • Play drums

Here is a quick spell ritual you can do today to recharge and care for yourself, to balance out Mother Lunas energy from yesterday.

Self Care Balancing Spell Ritual


Comfortable clothing

Your favorite essential oil mixed in a carrier oil if needed.

A glass of luke warm water

Soft music

A big pillow

Spell Ritual:

  • Get dressed in your comfy clothes.

  • Find a quiet place to sit.

  • Play your soft music.

  • Sit on your big pillow.

  • Sit for a moment just breathing gently.

  • Hold your glass of water in both hands.

Say: "As I drink this water, I will be balanced."

  • Drink your water.

  • After your done drinking. Sit for a moment just breathing gently.

  • Take your essential oil and anoint your wrists.

Say:"With this oil, I will be grounded."

  • Bring your wrists up to your nose. Inhale the oil.

  • Lower your wrists. Sit for a moment just breathing gently.

  • Now wrap your arms around yourself.

Say: "As I hug myself, I will be loved."

  • Rock gently back and forth.

  • Become still.

  • Continue hugging yourself, as you say nice things about you.

  • Tell your body everything you love about you.

  • Give your body thanks for being strong.

  • Do this for about 10 mins.

Say: "I am love, I am balanced, I am grounded! So Mote it be!"

Now go on with your day or night:)

Love and Light

Crystal Le Fay

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