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Full Moon Energy, What do you do?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Simple Full Moon Rituals

*Morning with warm water with a pinch of sea salt.

*Pray, chant, sing or even hum.

*Watch a funny movie.

*Heal your digestive, have smoothies for meals

*Detoxify your heart, write a forgiveness letter to someone who's hurt you (End the letter with "I forgive you so I can be free.") Send the letter or burn the letter.

*Make a list of what you have accomplished small or big this last month ( even if it's you got out of bed that day)

*Hang out in your favorite room in the house, with candles or small lights.

*Take a shower adding salt and lavender oil at the bottom of the shower floor or do a foot soak with salt and lavender oil in a small plastic tub.

Whatever you do, just try to look at this Full Moons energy as cleansing and refreshing:)

Our Mother Luna graciously gives us her amazing abundant energy every month. And we tend to focus on the negative and the crazy energy from it..

But all Mother Luna is doing is being a mirror and we are just a reflection of that mirror, enabling us to push out the crazy and negative energy we have within ourselves that needs to be released.

This process doesn't have to be chaotic, it can be calming.

We must surrender to Mother Luna's gift, in doing that we will find the calm inside the chaos.

Your reaction to Mother Luna's energy is your choice.

What do you choose Calm or Chaos?

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