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Full Moon Energy Day 1 of 7

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We have 3 days of Full Moon energy before the actual Full Moon Rising and 3 days after of Full moon energy!

How exciting is that!

We get to use our beautiful Lunas Magickal energy all week long!

Here's your Day 1 Ritual using the Full Moon's energy to begin your Full Moon week!

"Connect to your World"

You can do this inside or outside, any time of day as well! The only tools that you will need is one candle of any color that you choose, lighter or match and yourself! Sit or stand in front of your candle. Light the candle.

For a moment stare at the flame, taking three deep breaths, in and out.

On the last breath, as you release it imagine a white light coming from your heart space racing through your feet connecting to Mother Earth and racing through your crown connected to Mother Luna.

Then take the white light and race it all around you and all around the space that you're in.

Then take three more deep breaths, in and out. Grounding yourself, centering yourself.

Looking at the candle, gently hug yourself and say out loud:

"Spirit of my beautiful Universe, Spirit of my beautiful divine. Guide me to maintain my connection to the wonderful energy Beyond Myself. Guide me to remain open to your spiritual Divine guidance in my world and around me. I will be receptive to all the joy and all the love that flows to me and around me. May this precious Channel stay open and free! So that I may share my blessed energy with all of my universe, what is unique within me! Let our magnificent dance, dance on through my World and beyond, like a beautiful whisper of a breeze. I know that I am evermore protected within my own energy. I know that it is safe for me to share my energy in my world. So mote It Be! Blessed Be!"

Then blow out your candle.

Love and light Crystal Le Fay

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