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Healthy French Toast

Here is a delicious, healthy and non inflammatory way to make French toast!

Just a warning ahead of time, I rarely measure anything. I enjoy listening to my intuition on how much of the ingredients I should use!

I challenge you to do the same.

Make my recipe your own. Listen to your intuition and how much to use for each ingredient. Add to the recipe or take away, let your inner voice guide you!

Please share your experience with me.

I'm always searching for healthy ways to eat my favorite sweets. I hope you enjoy this amazing breakfast food.

My recipe:

A pinch of cinnamon - Such a great non Inflammatory spice!

A pinch of ground nutmeg - I love the nuttiness of this spice!

A pinch of salt - Throw some over your shoulder for good luck!

A pinch of ground turmeric - Non Inflammatory King of herbs and spices!

A pinch of ground ginger - Love the spunk of this spice, makes me speak my truth!

A dash of pepper _ A handsome companion of the turmeric King!

A squeeze of honey - Buzz Buzz Buzz

About 1/2 cup of almond milk. "What kind of cows make Almond milk?" My husbands life long question.

One egg. Why did the Chicken really cross the road????

A a few heaping drops of ghee butter (save some for the pan). What is ghee?? Its only the most amazing part of butter!!

Two pieces of gluten free whole grain bread. I know right??!! No Gluten??!! Just trust me, try it!!! If my kids will eat it, you can to!

A little or a lot of Maple syrup. Life long wish, to make my own Maple syrup! Anyone want to teach me?

Recipe ritual:

  • Put all ingredients into a blender, and BLEND!!! It blends much better if you listen to that coconut song, you know the one from the best Witch movie ever!!! Practical Magic!

  • Pour some sugar on me! No, just pour the batter into a bowl, no you don't smoke out of this bowl!

  • Put each piece of bread into the bowl, let it swim for awhile, making sure the whole piece of bread gets wet!

  • Put some ghee in pan, heat up! Watch your fingers, the pan will be hott!

  • Then put each piece of bread into the hott pan. You can put both in at the same time, I usually do, then spend the rest of my time trying to make sure the two pieces don't stick together.

  • I like my french toast crispy. So just cook your french toast to your texture liking!

According to my husband I must like mine burnt. Hey, its not my fault if I walk away from the stove long enough, I forget what I was doing! The new statement in my house is"Your food smells like its done!" lol

Ok, I got sidetracked for a minute.

  • Put your finished french toast on a plate. I love putting mine on a pretty plate and acting like I'm fancy.

  • Add ghee and maple syrup. If your like me, the more ghee and maple syrup the better!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

Now I'm hungry for french toast. Yummmmmmm!!!

Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & her Spirit Guides

Share what you think!

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