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How I started meditating

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Meditation is my Medicine.

I meditate atleast every morning and night.

Every day!

Every night!

I do not miss a day/night, because If I do, I can feel a difference right away.

18 years ago, when my oldest son was in elementary school he was having breakdowns and couldn't concentrate in school and I was being called daily to come pick him up.

The school tried to diagnose him with ADHD.

I was not comfortable giving my son drugs, so I had to find a different way to help him.

That's when I discovered meditation and it's benefits.

I learned meditation to teach my son meditation.

We began with him doing 2-minute meditations and by the end of the year he could do an hour.

I fought with the school and finally got them to do what I felt was right for my son.

We called his meditation his "exercises."

It was understood by his teachers and the school, that before class he would do his "exercises". Then if he was having a hard time in class,

He was aloud to take a few minutes to go out in the hallway and do his "exercises" again.

He had a hard time sitting down to do his work in class so with the agreement with the teacher he was allowed to stand up right next to his desk and do his work and he did great!

By the end of the year not only was he doing an hour meditation at home, I was doing an hour meditation and he is now 24 years old never been on any pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD and holds down a job and lives a very constructive life!

Meditation didn't just help him it helped me and now I use it as my medicine every single day!

It wasn't something that fixed things overnight, it didn't happen right away, but over time with consistency and dedication it works!

There's so many different ways to meditate, I've taught all my children and my husband how to meditate in their own way that works for them.

And now I teach others how to meditate in their own way that works just for them.

Disclaimer: if you feel that your child or you need pharmaceutical drugs to help yourself, then do that! Always do what is best for you and your body!

You don't have to replace anything to start using meditation to help, meditation can be a great thing to add to what you're already doing for your healing.

This is just my story and what I do that helps my family and myself.

This morning's meditation is by Dr Joe Dispenza:

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