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How to make your own mini Maypole

A Maypole is just one of the traditional symbols of Beltane. To do the Maypole dance, is to insure fertility.


*Paper towel roll

*Cereal box

*Different colored paper or you can color or draw on white paper

*Aluminum foil (roll into a ball)

*Fake flowers

*At least 4 different colored Ribbon

*Hot glue and glue gun


1. Layer the paper towel roll with different colored paper or your colored/drawn on white paper. Glue paper to the paper towel roll with hot glue (caution hot).

2. Decorate the cereal box anyway you like.

3. Cut a hole in the middle one side of the cereal box (big enough to put paper towel roll in). Put one end of the paper towel roll into the hole. Hot glue the roll around the hole, to keep the roll in place.

3. Cut the ribbon a couple inches longer then the paper towel roll, only after its been glued in place in the cereal box.

4. Glue the different colored ribbons (alternating the colors) to the top of the pole.

5. Roll the aluminum foil into a ball shape (big enough for the top of the paper towel roll).

6. Glue the aluminum foil to the top of the pole.

7. Glue the fake flowers covering the tin foil, along the bottom and any other place you would like on your Maypole.

8. Glue your favorite stone to the top of your Maypole on top of the flowers. (I used a Clear Quartz Crystal, because it is as Master Divine stone)

(Feel free to add more decorations to your Maypole)

9. Your mini Maypole is done, use as you like.

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