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Human Figure Candle/Soap/Statue/Chocolate

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I love making these Human Figure candles. 100% Beeswax

I can do all kinds of colors!

Magick Herbs and Crystals at the base of the candle give extra power. Can use the candles for: *Self-Love *Attract Love *Health and Healing *Manifestation *Spell Work and more!

I also can make Human Figure * Scented Soap (Magick Herbs and Crystals within the soap) * Dark or White or Milk Chocolate (Magick Herbs and Crystals do come separate with chocolate)) * Plaster Statues (Magick Herbs and Crystals within the statue) Comes with instructions and a ritual.

I bless them and attune them too your energy and Reiki energy.

Great gifts for family and friends!!

I ONLY do 10 orders each season.

Email Me to order yours!

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