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I love you dad!

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

My dad passed away in 2013. After you passed away he became one of my main guardian angels. I talked to him often, have coffee with him in the mornings, and he has been instrumental in my healing in the last few years. There is a special meditation that I do to connect with my spirit doctor on the other side that has also helped with my healing. Each time the meditation starts my dad meets me at the beginning of the walkway and walks me to the spirit doctor and during the walk we have a talk and we laugh and we connect. The last couple times we have been meeting the spirit doctor on a beach usually it's been in the middle of a forest Last night when my dad met me at the walkway he walked me to Beach and we began to fish which was interesting because I never fished with him in real life. And after sometime had passed and we had fished and talked he said well it's time to go see your spirit doctor now. As we were walking away I looked over and saw a huge pile of fish that we had caught. So of course I asked for the meaning of the fish and why we keep meeting on the beach. I love this connection to my dad I actually communicate and see him more often now that he's passed over than I ever did in world. Even though I miss him dearly and everyday I wish we had more time on this Earth together, I know that it is now my purpose to live a great life and be happy for him. And I know he's proud of me! Doing these meditations has helped with the grief and helped me be close to him. And I love that I still have this Facebook page because it is the only page connected to my dad's Facebook page. John Vermillion I love you Dad thank you for always being there for me! Fish Symbolism & Meaning The Water Element and fish connection is of spirit emotions, healing and purification. Water is also connected to love, relationships and family. Water Element brings purification and healing. Water helps our fears and insecurities flow away from us in a gentle or chaotic way, either way its for our own benefit. Dreaming of many fishes means incoming wealth or happy events is on its way to you. Fish symbolizes fertility, feelings, creativity, rebirth, good luck, transformation, health, abundance, serenity, intelligence, happiness, strength, and endurance. This photo was taken when I was 16 years old and went to live with my dad after not seeing him since I was 3 years old. We have always had a very special spiritual connection.

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