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Let's catch up and get your Numerology number for today!

1/21/24: 1+2+1+2+4=10: 1+0=1

Today's a 1 day: It's not just for today, this applies to any 1 day! What does it mean Crystal?! Well it means its time to own your power and use the energy of strength to push things through that need to be pushed! Its also a great time to work with the fire element! Do some fire magick or even dance around a bonfire!! Let the fire element spark confidence and inspiration in you!

Just hoping on to say hi!

I've decided to take a step back from Facebook as needed for my own energy and mental health.

I am in the process of mindfully getting some physical symptoms Ive been experiencing checked.

I am wearing a heart monitor for the next 30 days, then more tests! Never fear, I am sure I will pass all the tests with 100% plus extra credit! LOL

Oh the joys of being a human!!

I do love it though, being here on this earthly realm at this time.

I'm sure my Spirit knew exactly what she was doing when she signed our Soul contract this time around, I am learning soooooo many lessons in this lifetime!


I am now soooooo ready to rewrite my Soul contract!! Which can be done!!! After I get mine rewritten, I will have openings to help others do the same.

I am also moving forward with my Yogic Studies, I call it more of my Yogic Life! I now have my certification for:

300 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher (Almost done)

200 hr Yoga Teacher

Yoga Nidra

Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga

Yoga Life Coach

Pranayama Breath Work


Other than that I am doing pretty good! Keeping my thoughts positive, and moving slow and steady! I've decided I am no longer moving forward, probably sounds weird, right?! I am reluctantly surrendering to the flow of my life, I do have hope someday I will surrender more easily, in truth it is truly up to me and how I want to manifest my lessons in this life, easily or not so easy?!

I have found through a lot of painful experiences, that when I do surrender from love and joy, things do seem to come to me easily and gently, hmmmm go figure?! LOL

Honestly, I have been moving forward the last 5 years and I am fucking tired!!! I mean, REALLY, where the heck am I moving forward too, if I am always moving forward??!! Where is this this mysterious magickal destination at??!! Maybe I need a special treasure map to show me the way!?

I do like treasure!

So now instead of the constant question I carry in my head, "when am I ever going to get to where I am moving forward to, where is my treasure!!??" My answer that repeats in my head over and over again like a broken record, "NEVER!"

Why?? Because the treasure I seek is something I carry within me! Wake up CRYSTAL!!! Constantly searching "out there" will keep you lost and confused.

So my Soul has guided me to stop moving forward and move inward, which will enable me to live in the Now, taping into the treasure I carry within me.

Well here I am living in the Now, to be honest sometimes its the easiest thing to do, and sometimes not so much! But both experiences are so valid for being human, and I did sign up for this specific experience!

So I'll just keep showing up, day by day in every way or maybe not in every way, either way I am here today in this moment, in the Now! Flowing and dancing, definitely dancing!!

Soooooo, how are you!?

Feel free to join my blog, to keep updated and comment! Check out my other blog post too!!

As Always I LOVE YOU!

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