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Everyday I have to let go and everyday is a new beginning.

Last week I dissolved my DBA and LLC for my business.

Fighting to hold on to it since my accident almost 2 years ago (December 19, 2019),

has only made me stress out more.

I just cant keep up like I used to.

I need a fresh start to rebuild.

Im not the same person I was before the accident.

So instead of trying to hold on to who I was,

I've decided to let go of her keeping the memories of her close to my heart.

The memories remind me daily,

its because of her I have the strength to keep moving forward.

Im still mourning the loss of who I was,

but every new day,

gives me another chance to get to know the new me and learn to love her.

Todays new beginning was a new hair color, I feel is more like me now.

Piece by piece Ill become the new me...

Write to Crystal Noe Aa

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