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Lost and Found in Wonderland

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

(Clue Word: Amazing)

This is a Past, Present and Future reading.

You choose where you are at in your own journey.

This can be a general reading or you can ask a question before you read the reading, and let the cards uncover the answer to you.

Card set A

If you choose A: Welcome to Wonderland!

1st card: Past

Lost and found in Wonderland, You have been running from the judgments you've faced in your past for quite awhile now.

Aren't you tired?

Stop running from your past, dear one, turn around and look at the reflection in the mirror.

You can never out run what you carry within you.

Your the only one left judging you.

Heal from your own judgements of your past.

Release that which you judge yourself for to help you find your true voice,

Then and only then will you be free!

2nd card: Present

Hurry, Hurry, The time is only NOW!

The past is gone, the future does not exist!

Where are you living?

I know things inside you, just don't feel familiar anymore. The world around you makes no sense.

The pieces just won't fit! Which is quite strange, because the used to.

Your changing, can you feel it?

Your light is shinning so bright, its setting fire to those things that no loner fit (relationships, jobs, thoughts, etc).

Stop running! Can you see the theme?

STOP, face the flames, and that shit burn!!

Out of the ashes you will be reborn!

3rd card: Future

Hello, Hello, are you wake?

It's time for you to rise!

Rise above and beyond!

If you've done the work, this will come easy for you. Like a breath of fresh air.

If you still run, See the theme?

If you still run, it will be more of a struggle for you to shine.

Its time to share your story!

You walked through hell to get here, OWN IT!

Its your time!!!

Card set B

If you choose B: Welcome to Wonderland!

1st card: Past

Lost and found in Wonderland, Wasting time, tick tock!

Thoughts running through your brain, "all this wasted time, oh why did I let this time waste away?"

I can feel it, I know you have regrets of not taking action.

The voice in your head reminding you of the should of, the could of, haunts your dreams.

You wanna hear a secret my friend, your time was never wasted!

Your time has been spent learning the most valuable of lessons.

The lesson of self love!

2nd card: Present

Take some time to drink your tea.

You've been thrown into a cycle of rebirth and that takes time to unfold.

So sit, be still and drink your damn tea!

Don't forget to make time to smell the roses, the bee's have a message for you.

Are your listening?

There is no time like the present!

Being here in the NOW, you will never waste another minute!

3rd card: Future

We are all a little mad!

All the best people are!

It truly is a waste of time to try and be "normal".

It won't make you fit in, it will only make you feel lonely.

The future holds the true you, the weird you!

But you complain "I am so lonely."

Embrace the realness of who you are, and you will attract all the "Mad" people like you.

Theses are your people, your tribe.

Acceptance of your eccentric ways, will help you accept your new "real" friends.

And in doing that, you will never be lonely again.

Much Love and Light,

Crystal Le Fay & Spirit Guides

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