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Magickal Uses of Salt

I love working with Salt in my Magickal workings. It just makes me feel so connected to Mother Earth.

Did you know Salt is considered the most sacred minerals on Earth? So it totally makes sense why you would want to use it in your Magickal workings.

Even though each type of Salt does have different Magickal properties, there are general Salt practices you can do. I highly recommend using your own intuition on how to use your Magickal Salt.

Different ways of using your Magickal Salt

Create protective barriers:

· In circle casting, sprinkle a bit of your chosen Magickal Salt of choice as you walk clockwise in a circle, encasing your chosen Magickal space.

· Personal, carry chosen Magickal Salt in a sachet or a charm bottle with you.

· Bedtime, put your chosen Magickal Salt in a glass, wooden or ceramic bowl next to your bed.

· Home protection, walk around the outside of your home in a clockwise sprinkling a bit of your chosen Magickal Salt as you walk. Throw a bit of your chosen Magickal Salt in 4 corners of a room to ensure all negative, evil ghosts, spirits and people are banished or kept away.


· Personal, put a bit of your chosen Magickal Salt in a tub big enough for your feet. Put your feet on the Magickal Salt and take 3 deep breaths, envisioning a white a light starting at your feet going all the way around you, coming out of your crown.

· Crystals or Objects, Put a bit of your chosen Magickal Salt in a glass, ceramic or wooden bowl, then place Crystals or Objects in bowl for 24 hours.


· Sit with your chosen Magickal Salt in meditation asking your guides to show you how to use your Magickal Salt.

Different types of Magickal Salts Crystal Le Fay has for sale

Celtic Sea Salt: Harvested from clay found on coastal areas in France.

Magickal Uses: Consecration Ritual,Removal of Curses, Blessings & Protection

Red Alaea Salt: Harvested from tidal pools mixing with volcanic clay in Hawaii.

Magickal Uses: Heavy Protection, Blocks Dark Energy, Repels Fae, Ghost & Zombie Spirits, Home Protection & Fire

Pure Salt: Harvested from an ancient sea found in Central Utah.

Magickal Uses: Purity, Purification, Removes Negative Self-Energies, Circle Magick & Goddess Magick

Himalayan Salt: Harvested Crystal Mineral Salt.

Magickal Uses: Love, Self-Love, Self-Care, Sense of Purpose, Learning to say "NO", Release Attachments

Black Salt: Handcrafted by Crystal Le Fay with Sacred Ash, Mica Minerals & pepper.

Magickal Uses: Most Protective Salt, Banishing, Fire Energies, Triple Goddess Work, Binding Spells, Keep Evil Away

Contact Crystal Le Fay for more info and to order your Magickal Salt!

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