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That one time I tried to kill myself

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

I have tried to commit suicide 2 times in my life.

Once when I was 16 years old after I was rapped and miscarried my baby.

What I learned: I am stronger than the rapist that violated me.

Second when I was in my early 30s after a fight with an abusive ex.

What I learned: Nobody is worth ending my life over! I also had suicidal thoughts right after my accident in 2019.

What I learned: My purpose on Earth is much higher than I ever expected. I got my semi colon tattoo before the accident.

When I look at my tattoo it reminds me to keep going, that traumatic events in my life may pause me, but they will NOT end me!

If you have suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone you trust.

Please don't give up!! I know life can be hard and painful but you are so much stronger than anything life can throw at you!

The sun always comes out after it rains!

This world is a much better place because you are in it!! You are not alone!! I see you! I hear you! I love you! I am you!

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