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Meditation Class

Meditation is the number one tool I believe everyone should learn how to use and utilize!

Below are links to my prerecorded YouTube meditation class that I originally recorded for my Goddess Sisterhood and Academy groups.

But now I am offering it to you for free!!

Click on each link in order provided, once you are done, email me through my website for your certificate!

This class is great for anyone, especially if you have ever said,

"I can't meditate because ____."

I am here to share with you that no matter why you think you can't meditate, you can learn this amazing tool!

You can utilize it in your daily life for all things body, mind and Spirit.

I mean really, what do you have to loose by just watching the videos???

Did I mention it's FREE?!

My gift to you!

All you have to do is show up!

Take your time and have fun!

Feel free to email me through my website with any questions!


*Final Self Quiz: Journal these two questions: What did you learn from my Meditation class? How will you utilize it in your own life?


Donations are never expected but always accepted! If you'd like donate to Crystal Le Fay for this meditation class, she would so greatly appreciate it! Please email her through her website: that you would like to donate!

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