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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Have you ever had a total mental or physical emotional meltdown?

I have!

Just with the fact that I am an Empath, Medium working with the dead, Psychic working with others energies and a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor, kinda gives you an idea what it can be like in my head and body on a regular basis.

This was me at the beginning of last week, complete, emotional and physical meltdown!

Just ask my husband!

He's usually the one that walks right into one of my meltdowns and helps me pick up the pieces.

The one thing that he does that helps me the most to pick up the pieces, is?

He leaves me alone, so that I can process what I need to look at and feel, to journey my way out of a meltdown.

I have a list of tools that I use to help my journey through a meltdown.

The one thing that I started doing a long time ago was giving myself the STOP, DROP AND ROLL three day rule method.

Day one STOP: I STOP doing everything in my normal day, I allow myself to have a complete emotional, mental meltdown. Because trying to ignore it, only makes the emotions and pain get louder!

What I do is: I get upset, I get angry, I feel all the emotions, I cry a lot, sometimes I'm bitchy, I cuss a lot, sometimes I even yell.

Day 2 DROP: I DROP down into the emotions and pain. I dig deep as I sit with my emotions and body asking them what I need to do, I listen.

What I do is: I start to get a game plan, I reach out to my counselor, I reach out to trusted friends, I play with my animals, I Journal, I pull Oracle cards, I meditate, I ask my Spirit guides for guidance, I use every tool that I have in my toolbox to help me journey my way out of it.

Day 3 ROLL: I ROLL with what I have learned and allow myself to feel better. In doing that I figure out what the meltdown was all about, what was the root cause of it and what was my lesson/message.

What I do is: First I apologize and be accountable to anyone that got caught up in my meltdown (usually my amazing husband), tell everyone thank you that helped me through it. I get a massage, I do seem some self Reiki, balance my Chakras, watch some and apply what I learned to my life, allowing myself to grow.

Then I move forward with a new understanding of my self, my goals, my challenges and my journey.

I could experience another meltdown, I am human it does happen.

BUT I have an action plan and tools set in place ahead of time to get me through it. Having those set in place gives me a security that I need and a reassurance that no matter what happens, I'll make it through .

What is your action plan? What are your tools?

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