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My brain loves music

When I had my accident Dec 19, 2019... I got a TBI among other injuries.

A lot of you don't know how I was in the beginning right after the accident because we didn't really talk about it. I had memory issues, I couldn't read, my eyes didn't see straight, I had forgotten how to cook, I didn't even know what kind of music I liked, I had to delete my old Facebook page because it was overwhelming because my husband had to walk me through Facebook and remind me of the people that I had known. I was calling things by the wrong name, there were so many times that I told my husband Jim to go to the post office when I actually meant the mailbox. I had an emotional outburst, sometimes I still do. I had Night terrors, PTSD flashback loop, panic attacks and insomnia, sometimes I still do. A floating rib, 3 bulging disk in my neck. Vagus nerve damage. I was on morphine, Tramadol and Norco all at one time and it still wasn't touching the pain. Which I was able to wean myself off of all three of them and now only use holistic remedies for pain. I was first in the hospital for about a week and then transfer to a Fishers rehab center for a month before I even got to go home. I was on a bedpan. I had amazing CNAs and my husband giving me showers, washing my hair, helping me get dressed. Plus I had an external fixture on my foot and had had knee surgery and got around in a wheelchair, then a walker then a cane. I also have to wear a hard boot on my foot, that keeps my foot in one position for the rest of my life. I now have ADHD and a even better multitasking talent. The psych doc said its like I have a multitasking super I was lonely, I was depressed, I was in a lot of pain. I still am sometimes. I felt so lost. Sometimes I still do. I can't drive.

One thing that helps me get through each day is music.

And for some reason my brain really likes Taylor Swift songs LOL Her songs have saved me so many times throughout my healing process over the last two years..

There are so many times that I couldn't get out of bed, I was in so much pain and just crying uncontrollably and the only thing that would soothe me, was listening to her songs.

From the beginning, I never gave myself a choice, I just simply said I was going to heal and I was going to get stronger and I was going to use my story to help people and that meant that I had to figure out what would help me do that and one of those things is music.

So I know things may be rough in your life right now and I know that things may even suck! But you are so much stronger than that! If I can do it, you can too!! If you're reading these words right now know that you were here for a fucking reason!

No matter what you have gone through or are going through right now. Find that one positive thing that gets you through the day! That gets you out of bed, that gives you comfort, that makes you feel alive and grab onto it, and just let it guide you to get to the other side of your pain!

Mine happens to be Taylor Swift songs and coffee! LOL

I love you!!! You are a amazing warrior!!!

Share on this blog, what gets you through the day, so that you can give others inspiration!

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Candice T.
Candice T.
Feb 03, 2022

You are the Warrior, thank you for sharing your story and your light with the world!! Yoga and music are what get me through!! I am new to Energy work, crystals etc., but am very hungry for information. I feel drawn to it. I am reading everything I can. I am so very excited to have come across your page!!

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