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Seasonal allergies and sinus

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I am highly sensitive to everything!

Over this last year since my accident in 2019 I’ve gotten even more sensitive; to people, energy, smells, lights, sounds and especially to the weather!

Which in truth, totally makes me so sad, because I loveeeee Mother Earth, she is my Goddess! I literally worship her! I can’t just not go spend time with her!

It seems like when ever the weather changes, everything goes hay wire normally! Then you add a Traumatic Brain Injury to the mix, it makes it feel like I’m on a constant roller coaster ride!

Whether its rain, high humidity, snow, hot to cold, cold to hot, I swear I can hear the click click click of the roller coaster in my brain start to make its way up the tracks then without warning whosh!!! Up and down, round and round, HOLD ON! Wheeeeeeeee here I go!

It’s not as fun as it sounds, lol!