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When my Premature Baby Boy was born

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

With it being so close to Mothers day, Id like to share the stories of how I became a mom.

Ill start with my oldest son Elijah's birth.

I was 22 years old living in Las Vegas.

I had gone to one of my regular doctors appt checkups and was told I had toxemia and preeclampsia.

I was rushed to the hospital that day.

It was a month and 1/2 before he was due. I was scared and confused. The doctor told me that my baby was loosing fluid and if they didn't induce me he could die. So they tried to induced me twice, it was so painful! It wasn't working. On my birthday July 4th, I had an emergency c-section. I was awake during the c-section and remember when they pulled him out, there was complete silence. He wasn't crying... They wrapped him up in a blanket and brought him over to me so I could see him for a second and then rushed him away. It was hours before I knew what was going on. My precious little baby boy, was put into an incubator, hooked up to wires going through his feet and fed oxygen, because his lungs weren't working. He was born at 5.9 ounces. The first time I saw him, I couldn't touch him, all I can do was talk to him. His eyes weren't open and he couldn't cry. I was heartbroken, and didn't know if he was going to make it. So every time I would see him, I would sit next to him and I would pray and I would talk to him. I would tell him that he has to make it through, because he was all I had. He had to be strong and I just kept telling him to breathe, please breathe." Then little by little they were able to switch him from a full incubator to a half incubator over his head and then no incubator. They were giving him shots to make his lungs work and the doctor told me that they were on the last shot and if this shot didn't work, then there's nothing more that they could do. I don't think I've ever prayed harder than I did that day, asking for him to just breathe, so he could come home with me. And a miracle happened, the last shot worked and he began to breathe on his own. He was able to come home and he looked like a little tiny cricket and he never stopped crying LOL I just remember how strong my little boy was and how strong he is now and what he had to overcome in the beginning. And that pushes me to keep overcoming what I'm going through. I love you so much, and no matter how big you get you will always be my little baby!

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