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My TBI Journey: Alpha Stim

After my accident I was having panic attacks out of nowhere.

My vagus nerve was damaged in the accident.

Your vagus nerve pretty much controls everything in your body is it extremely important nerve.

It helps calm down your flight or fight response in your brain.

Since mine was damaged, I couldn't calm myself down no matter what I did it.

So basically I was running in fight and flight response 24/7 causing me to be extremely tired and having severe panic attacks.

At the time I was seeing a neurologist chiropractor who started using an alpha stim machine on me in the office.

Since I don't take pharmaceutical drugs for anything, I was so happy to find that this Alpha Stim machine actually helped my panic attacks.

It also has helped with depression, sleep and pain!

The neurologist chiropractor helped me get a unit for at home so I can use it anytime I need to. In the beginning I was using it once or twice a day, everyday.

I'm down to using it three times a week and as needed.

This little machine sends a electrical signal to my vagus nerve to calm down.

I can feel the effects within 10 minutes

If you're interested in this machine the website is:

The neurologist chiropractor that I saw in the beginning was a lifesaver!

Here's their website:

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