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My TBI Journey: I can't eat!

Weekly Zoom meeting with my nutritionist today.

I just love her!

Following her program has been so helpful!

Nutrition is Sooooooo important for Brain Injury Recovery!!

I literally forgot how to eat in the beginning!

And at first I would beat myself up about it, I mean how do you forget how to eat??!!

I could physically eat but I couldn't remember how to prepare food, how to put foods together or figure out if I was hungry.

I would look at all the food in my fridge and have no idea what I was supposed to do.

Weird, I know!

It was so frustrating and gave me so much anxiety around food, causing me to not eat.

I was embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't figure this out on my own.

But the one thing I have learned through this whole process is, it is okay to reach out for help!

I don't have to do this alone, it's okay to have someone support and guide me through it!

That there is a tremendous amount of strength in asking for help.

Now Im eating on a regular basis.

The best part, she will NOT put you on a diet!!

She helps you figure out what foods are right for you and teaches you how to eat again with a brain injury.

She helps you come up with your own diet plan!

If you have a brain injury and need help with your nutrition and diet, I highly suggest you reach out to her!

Here is her website:

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