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My TBI Journey: Rough Days

We all have there..

Days when we just have had enough.

Days were we just cant take it anymore.

Days were there are no words just tears.

Silent screams because the pain is just too much to bear.

Ive had a lot of those moments this last year 2019/2021.

I'm here to say, I made it through my moments and so can you!

With support from my friends, family, my Spirit Guides and my wonderful counselor I continue to make it through my moments when they show up again.

Its not about the moments that bring us to our knees, its how we get back up again and keep moving forward that really matters!

Just don't give up!!

* from the very beginning of this healing journey of the last year, I instructed my husband to take photos any time of me in a rough spot, not only for my own memories of how far Ive come but also to help others.

I hope my healing journey helps you on your own healing journey.

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