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Mystic Martian Oracle Card Pull

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

If you are reading this, than this is for you!

Alchemy, The Philosophers' Stone

This is a clear sign that you are in a huge transformational shift right now.

You are probably experiencing a lot of Spiritual/Metaphysical energies that you don't understand you're feeling a little lost or you do understand and things are just exploding for you!

Either way, this is an extreme time of metamorphosis for you!

You can feel excited and scared all at the same time!

If you're like me, because I pulled the same card for myself, you've been silently saying to yourself "whoa, that was weird!" or "WTF!" Or you will begin to!

This is a great time for you to do some time travel.

Go back into the past and release those things that no longer are needed, embrace the Present moment, so that you can begin to rebirth into your Future Self.

During this time of Ascension, you are merging your Body, Mind and Spirit as one.

That can make our human self's feel extremely uncomfortable and over excited.

There are some things that you can do to help your transition into your new beginning and embrace your destiny as a very magical infinite Spiritual human being.

You can: *Past life regression meditation *Inner Child Meditation *Get Reiki sessions often or become a Reiki master. *Get massage therapy *Spend time with mother Earth *Make a sacred space in your home or your yard to connect with your Divine on a regular basis *Connect with other spiritual people that resonate with your same vibrational energy *Travel to a special place that your Spirit guides have guided you to go to *Ground and bounce yourself daily

Say this affirmation: I am open to my transformation, it happens easily and gently for me, within my Mind Body and Spirit.

Love and Light, Crystal Le Fay and her Spirit Guides


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