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New Years Resolution or Dedication?

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

With New Year's approaching, many of us will be thinking about the upcoming year and all the things we want to change with ourselves and our lives.

We will make a New years resolution, determined to follow through!Then halfway through the year, we forget our resolutions and by the end of the year, we feel like failures.

Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Setting ourselves up to feel like a failure?

And if you've ever made a resolution for the new year and didn't follow through, you know what I'm talking about.

Most resolutions which are started with good intentions, never come to birth. Why is that?

The definition of a resolution is "a firm decision to do or not to do something."

How does that definition make you feel?

When I read it, I feel restricted, boxed in, stuck and frustrated. Like I'm doing a chore, I know I need to do, but really don't want to. Something in me wants to fight against it. Like a rebellious teenager being told what to do by their non-understanding parents.

So just for a moment, imagine this New Year comes with amazing opportunities!

Opportunities that have nothing to do with, if you follow through on your resolutions or not.

When you change your focus of your New Years expectations, you raise your vibration. Setting yourself free from any type of restrictions. In just doing that, you can already consider yourself a success!

I challenge you to instead of making a resolution this New Year make a dedication!

A dedication to yourself and your passions.

What are you passionate about? What fills your heart with joy?

Example: If your dedicated this New Year to quit smoking, become passionate about healing the triggers, that has you smoking in the first place. Get rid of the triggers, the desire to keep smoking can fade away.

My daughters dad always told me, he dedicated to himself, if he ever had a baby, he would quite smoking. You know what? The day our daughter was born, this man who had smoked since he was a teenager, got rid of his cigarettes and never looked back. That was 17 years ago. It has always amazed me, he was able to do that. Then I realized he had made a dedication to himself and he was passionate to be healthy for our daughter. I've always admired him for that dedication.

When you are dedicated and passionate about something that you love, you want to do it, you enjoy doing it and things flow naturally. Giving you a feeling of excitement.

What could of been a fight, turns into a peaceful march within yourself. Turning a chore into an amazing experience, opening more doors up for more fruitful experiences.

So are you ready? Ready to dedicate to your self and your passions this New Year? I AM!

New Years Dedication Ritual

Supplies: Candle of your choice, Paper, Pen, At least 3 herbs/spices mixed together (Choose ones that you love, or you can order my special New Year Dedication Ritual herb mix), Fire Proof container, matches or lighter.

  • Write on your paper: "I AM READY to dedicate to myself and my passions this New Year!"

  • Light your candle.

  • Meditate on what you are dedicating to this New Year.

  • Burn your paper with the candle, throw in fireproof container (use caution with fire, never leave unattended), add a pinch of your herbs.

  • Once herbs and paper are ash, dispose in the way you like. I give mine back to Mother Earth.

(A cool little side effect that comes from dedicating to your self and your passions, is that you will have more energy and resources to help others. In doing so, your helping to make this world a better place! It's a WIN/WIN!)

The choice is yours!

Love and Light Crystal Le Fay

(Side note: Following the goals of your Soul, you can never fail. Its only our ego that lies to us, making us believe that failures even exist. But that is a discussion for another time).

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