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Over Coming Challenges Spell

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Have you been facing struggles in your life?

Do you need some block releasing energy, to help you get past challenges in your life (Body, Mind & Spirit)?

If you said yes to these questions, then this Magickal Spell is for you!

It’s time to take back your power!


· Any Purple Candle (Represents personal power) & candle holder

· 3 different types of Salts

· Sachet (sachet can be any color)

· Red string, yarn, cord, etc.

· Small Crystal (Your choice)


· Gather Supplies. Sit in a quiet space.

· Breathe Deep. Light your candle. Hold your stone in your hand.

· Gaze into the flame of your candle, thinking about what it is in your life you need to overcome. After a few moments, breathe deep.

· Place your 3 salts and stone into sachet. Shaking Sachet to mix. Tie Sachet tight with red string, yarn, cord, etc.

· Hold Sachet in your hands, say: “Nothing can stop me from overcoming any challenges my Body, Mind & Spirit faces”

· Carry Sachet with you into your world.

Repeat when needed.

For the teaching video for this spell go here:

Order your Over Coming Challenges Spell Set

Each set comes with:

· Written Spell

· Beeswax Purple Candle, with its own stand and Goddess Charm

· Sachet (colors vary)

· Red string or yarn or cord, etc.

· Small Kyanite Stone: Aligns all Chakras, dispels blocks, calming effect.

· 5 Magick Salts to choose from.

Pick 3 salts each time you do Spell.

You can use different salts each time, depending on your needs.

Himalayan: Sense of Purpose

Black: Banishing

Pure: Purification

Celtic: Blessings

Red Alaea: Protection

Contact Crystal Le Fay to order your Magickal Overcoming Challenges Set.

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