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Sacred Warrior Reading

When Spirit speaks, you must listen with your heart to hear the message.

You are my Sacred Earth's Warrior, I am your Earth mother brought forth from the divine. We are one!

I'm here to fill you with unconditional love, you have a amazing sacred destiny to fulfill and I will guide you along the path. You will be supported with many ways of abundance. Relax dear one, it is your time for healing.

Your personal message:

There's a solution available, just remember what we put our energy into we manifest more of. Now is the time to let your life unfold without force.

Give yourself permission to rest and to follow your heart. It is from place of peace that you will see all things accurately.

Say this affirmation every morning for the next 30 days.

"I walk through the darkness with light in me. I walk through the darkness with light surrounding me. I walk through the darkness, with light all around me. I am the light."

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