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Service Offered List

  • Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Quantum Healing, Chakra Balance/Healing and Oracle Readings, Medium Readings (In-person, Zoom, phone or email)

  • Special Readings: Facebook Messenger or Email Readings (Done through prerecorded video or voice message) plus a free gift

  • Conversation with a Psychic: Sit and have coffee/tea and a light snack (provided in-person) with me, as we have a conversation. You can ask me anything during this time and I will use my abilities in our conversation to give you insight (Zoom or in-person)

  • Speaking Events

  • Spirit Investigation/Cleansing

  • Cord Cutting, Cleansing, Curse Cutting

  • Body, Mind & Spirit Coaching Sessions with Crystal Le Fay

  • Ordained Minister Services

  • Scheduled Classes

  • One on One Class

Classes are- Yoga, Meditation, Reiki (Advanced Healing), Manifesting, Crystals, Magickal, Herbal, Empaths/Narcissist, Ouija, Psychic abilities (adult & Child), Self-Love/Empowerment, Tarot/Oracle, Cord Cutting, Spirit Guides, Crafting, Chakra, Paranormal, Crystal Grids, Hemp Flower, Etc.

  • Personal Day Retreats Customized (min 2)

  • Scheduled Day Retreats

For the price list for services, email Crystal Le Fay.

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