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Stranger in My Head (Poem)

I am going to be honest, I am in a dark space right now, and writing really helps.

I live with a Brain Tumor and a Traumatic Brain Injury since 2018 among other conditions stemming from the brain injuries and past trauma. Today I am just so tired and sad, I believe writing is healing. Its my hope that expressing myself through my poetry during this time will help me throughout this process of healing.

Stranger in My Head

Today is not my day.

Maybe tomorrow will be,

But today I just want to cry and scream,

Because today, my brain just doesn’t belong to me,

Why has my brain stopped talking to me,

What did I do to make her so mad at me?

Everyone else is blind to what is going on inside,

As the world spins around me, I just try to be still and hold on as tight as I can,

My positivity escapes me now,

All I am left with is loss,

Loss of who I was, loss of who I can be,

Who the FUCK am I, when I am stuck in limbo??!!

What the FUCK do I, when everything I believe in has lost all its magick?

What happens to me NOW,

How do I keep living with this stranger in my head?

Crystal Le Fay

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