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Taking a break July - Sept 2024

My spirit guides have been trying to get my attention this last week!!

They have been sending me signs through the weather, animals, TV shows, personal Oracle readings and human angels!

They are loudly urging me to take a major break from social media and YouTube!

So I am listening!

I will be working on events, videos and things behind the scenes to be released in September!

I will be taking a break for the rest of the summer!

No worries, my Goddess Sisterhood private events are still going on!!!!

I will reach out to event participants as we get closer to our July and August events to confirm with them!

If you have any questions about my FB groups ( and ) please reach out to our other admin in the groups during this time.

Make sure during this time to check out my other blog posts!

Don't forget, I also have a YouTube channel with lots of videos to watch!

I love you my amazing website friends members. I appreciate your understanding!

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