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Tarot Card Pull: Pick Butterfly or Rose

These are the results from my Tarot pull on my Facebook page.

If you just found this blog, feel free to take a deep breath and choose either Butterfly or Rose.

Now scroll down for the insight for each of the cards!

If you chose Butterfly: Your tarot card is Queen of Pentacles.

The Queen has shown up to show you it is the right time for you to plan and be more practical with either your work, personal life and finances!

She's asking you to enjoy what you have now in the moment that way the door will open for more of what you want to find you!

Focus on becoming calm, grounded and trusting your intuition!

Questions to ask yourself during this time are: Are you giving too much of yourself without receiving anything in return? Have others become too dependent on you or maybe you're too dependent on them? Perhaps it's time to do a cord cutting to let some people go!

Say the affirmation: I take care of others by nurturing myself!

Activity to help you: Pick something on your to do list that you have been avoiding and finish it!

If you chose Rose: Your Tarot card is The Knight of Cups.

The Knight has made his presence to be the bearer of some emotional news!

There will be an unexpected opportunity coming your way! Get excited it's going to make you very very happy!

You will be developing a very new relationship that will be so fun and full of surprises! This relationship could be with yourself or a new person or both that's all the fun with surprises!

Get ready to feel very creative and to birth new inspired ideas!

Ask yourself these questions: When was the last time you took a chill pill and had some pure fun? Why did you stop?

Say this affirmation, My inner child is free and open to explore the part of me that loves to have fun!

An activity that can help: Take some time out, do something creative maybe read a book you haven't read in a long time, sign up for an art class or spend some time with the younger generation to open up your own inner child! Whatever you do have fun!

This Tarot Pull was brought to you from the The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood

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