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The Full Moon made me do it!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Ever since my TBI, I have extra pain, extra fatigue, spacey, emotional the whole week of the Full Moon..

The Full Moon energy starts three days before the actual Full Moon heightened on the Full Moon then 3 days after the Full Moon so you actually have 7 Days of Full Moon energy. I have been keeping a journal for the last 2 years since the accident and every single month during the full moon energy my symptoms get worse.

I absolutely love the Full Moon, Mother Lunas energy is absolutely amazing for so many reasons.

But it does affect my physical body a lot more now.

So I have been working on extreme self care during the Full Moon energy. Because I'm so sensitive to other people's Energies, I tend to spend more time alone outside during that week.

And usually if I'm paying attention and realize the Full Moon week is coming I can set some things in place to prepare me for that week but this month I totally forgot and this is definitely affecting me hard...

My personal tips for helping get through the Full Moon energies as a TBI survivor:

Drink more water (add dash of Redmonds salt to 8oz water) Do more grounding exercises Do more breathwork Releasing rituals Eat a healthy diet with foods that help your brain Mindfulness meditation Get a massage (or do a self massage) Dance Get cranial sacral Take a bath or shower Balance your chakras especially your crown chakra Metaphorically put a Shield of bright protective light around you Carrier or wear Moonstone, Tourmaline or Shugnite Smudge yourself Because your emotions are heightened especially during the Full Moon watch what you say to yourself, speak Words of Love only to your brain Give yourself a break

And more than anything realize that Mother Luna our blessed Moon is not working against you or trying to hurt you.

You are just extra extra extra sensitive to her amazing energy.

So it's important that you make sure that you protect yourself during this time.

This morning my husband Jim Noe said hey you thought you were a witch, but you're actually werewolf LOL

My response was flipping him off LOL

So in reality you can seriously blame your attitude on the Full Moon LOL

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