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The wonderful benefits of Selenite!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I loveeeee Selenite!

We have it throughout our whole house. It is one of my go to stones for a multiple of uses.

By placing it on my third eye, it helps me during meditation to cross into different realms.

I use it with my dog Lydia a Pit Bull/ Chihuahua mix. She can be so hyper. So while she sleeping, I place my Selenite wand on her. When wakes up shes much calmer.

I place it in front of my electronics to buffer the energy coming from them.

I wear it often as needed.

If there's a stone you need in your home, it is this one!!

Selenite is a very powerful mineral with is a very soft energy.

Chakra: Heart

Benefits of Selenite

(Caution, Selenite will melt if you get it wet)

  • Cleanses and purifies your environment

  • Clears negative energy

  • Cleanses and charges other crystals

  • Self-cleansing (You never have to cleanse Selenite)

  • Its’ calming properties makes it great for meditation and spiritual work

  • Use for vision quests

  • Perfect crystal for gridding

  • Calms bad visions and nightmares

  • Good for memory and brain health

  • Great for body, mind & Spirit balance

  • Purifies Toxic Energies

  • Bringing good luck

  • Protection from psychic attack

I look at Selenite like a butterfly. It has helped me during so many trials during my life. Using Selenite has enabled me to escape the cocoon of my trials, transforming into the butterfly of my true self. It is an amazing, giving stone that ask for nothing in return.

Selenite Butterfly Transformation Ritual


  • Any two Selenite stones

  • A blue candle

  • A piece of paper, pen

  • Fire proof container

  • A lighter


  • Find a quite place to sit. Inside or Outside

  • Place fire proof container and candle in front of you

  • Write on the paper "I am the Butterfly."

  • Burn the paper in the fireproof container with candle.

  • Hold each Selenite stone in each hand.

  • Raise your hands in the air and chant out loud "I AM THE BUTTERFLY!" as you are envisioning blue butterflies coming from your heart Chakra flying out into the Universe.

  • Do this as long as you feel you should.

  • Give ashes back to Mother Earth.

  • No go be the Butterfly, your true self!

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