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To My Husband


This poem won't do you justice!

How can I ever find the words to, describe what you mean to me.

I looked for you.

From the beginning of time,

I searched under every rock.

Behind every tree.

Wished upon every falling-star,

just for you,

Every time I searched for you,

I found a piece of me.

All the scattered pieces of,


Began to become complete.

With the day we said I do.

It didn’t take long until,

I realized what a wonderful gift you have given me.

The space I needed.

The space,

to organize my own puzzle pieces.

You accept me as I am.

Your love gives me the freedom,

to just be me.

What words could I say?

What words could I express?


so many words I could say.

To show you,

how much you mean to me.

There are only two.

Only two words,

to express how much I love you,

Thank you.

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