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Unicorn Smoothie

Crystal Le Fay's Intuitive Cooking.

This is a delicious afternoon treat!

As an Empath I'm able to read energy.

So as I walked around my kitchen one day while my 16 year old daughter was standing there waiting for me to make her something to eat.

Her energy told me she wanted something sweet!

I took a deep breath and asked my

Spirit Guides to direct me.

I opened my freezer and begin to rummage around and look for things that her energy was telling me she wanted to eat.

Here is the fun fruity recipe I was guided to make.

Unicorn Smoothie
By Crystal Le Fay
For my daughter Cordelia Willowmoon

A cup of pineapple

A cup of peaches

A dab peanut butter you can use almond butter as well

A squirt of honey

About a cup and a half of milk or almond milk

Blend together in a blender

Put in a fancy-dancy glass

Top with whipped whipped cream and a few Lucky Charms marshmallows or chopped up walnuts

My daughter took a drink and then didn't put it down till she finished it! She said it tasted pretty good!

Score for Mom!

PS..Store extra in freezer as a icecream treat for later.

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